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Cookies are frequently used to store data about a website visitor, including their preferences and the pages they have viewed. Although cookies can be used for many different purposes, we don’t use them very often.

V1 March 2020

A cookie is a little piece of information that is stored on your computer or other device. It lets a website identify you as a user when you visit it again with the same computer and web browser. Cookies can be set to last the entire duration of your session (called a “session cookie”) or to remember you for future visits (called a “persistent cookie”).

Cookies used on this site

Cookies are used by us for analytics and statistics tracking. Additionally, at the beginning of your visit, we are required to display a cookie consent pop-up that also uses cookies to remember your selection.


This cookie enables us to:

  • Gather data about your machine for system management and report creation, such as your IP address, operating system, and browser type;
  • Determine the size and usage trends of our audience;
  • Keep tabs on activities on the website in secret.


This cookie is persistent, meaning it stays on your device even when you close your browser window.



Further Info

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool offered by Google, Inc. and is used on this website. To assess how you use this website and generate reports on website activity for us, Google Analytics places a cookie. No personally identifiable information is gathered by this cookie. Click this link to learn how to reject or remove these cookies:

How to control and delete cookies

You saw a notice alerting you to our use of cookies when you first visited the website. We will only install necessary cookies on your computer or other device if you haven’t changed your cookie preferences. To show you that notification, we have to utilize a cookie.

We don’t currently gather personally identifiable information about you through cookies, and we never will. You can, however, adjust your browser’s settings to limit or prevent the cookies that our sites set. Your browser’s “Help” feature ought to be able to assist you with that. As an alternative, you might want to go to, which offers detailed instructions on how to accomplish this on several different browsers. Along with additional general information about cookies, you will also find instructions on how to remove cookies from your computer.

Changes to this cookie policy

We will update this page with any modifications we make to our Cookie Policy in the future. Once they are posted on the website, these modifications will become effective right away. As a result, you should periodically check this policy to make sure you are aware of the most recent version.

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